About VUBC

We can say we are the folding bike specialists.

We offer many various folding bike models. You can try out before you buy. …like they say… once broken considered sold…. Located in the heart of PJ, where you can take one of our gorgeous rides for a spin on our test track in our backyard.

Don’t be embarrassed to drop by…. we wont bite. Most of our customers are new to the bike scene, so “jangan malu-malu”!!Size doesn’t bother us, we are called “foldies”, small-wheeled folding bicycles are more than fashionable or trendy; they’re beautiful, quality bikes that stand the test of time….and nobody understands them better than we do.Let them say what they want…. we can fold, we can fit into cars, we can ride the LRT & we can go anywhere…..

Need advice…
If you’re able to visit our small humble shop, we’d be delighted to personally advise you on models, sizing and accessories.

We’re open to the public on Monday thru Saturday from 11am-8pm and Sunday’s….” pity us a bit la”…. we go cycling also…. we will try to organize some pedaling activity if time permits. So, we are CLOSED on Sunday but if needed, by appointment.

People can say we are the leading distributors of good folding bicycle brands in Asia. Bringing you the leading handmade brands of folding bikes as well as bicycle accessories from the UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Germany.

7 Replies to “About VUBC”

  1. I’m looking for dahon bike below 1k. What are the models avail in your store ? May be interested in getting a few unit if price is good.

    1. Hi there,

      We have Dahon Vybe D7 and retailing at RM979. Would suggest that you drop by and have a look this weekend.

      1. Thanks. Well I tried to find the bike spec Dahon Vybe D7 from the website but no such model. Is this folding bike frame make of aluminum or h-tensel steel. Will explore spec before dropping by. Cheers.

        1. Hi, its called the Dr.Hon Vybe C7 and should have the model on the website. The frame is a h-tensel steel and not aluminium.

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