REVIEW: 2016 Knog Blinder Lights Part 1

Last week, I’ve received the new Blinder lights to test from Knog Malaysia. I have been a fan of Knog’s lights for their clean design, USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof! Find out the improvement they made compare to the previous models in this review.

R0003366 (1200x795)
The MOB family. From left, Kid Grid, Eyeballer, Four Eyes and The Faces. Both front (white) and rear (red) are available but the rear Eyeballer which is not in the photo.

So what’s new? The new Blinder MOB are sold with three interchangeable straps to suit any handlebar and seatpost, and available in 5 different light designs with beam angles ranging from focused to wide. With the max lumens of 80 for the front and 44 for the rear, the Blinder MOB will definitely fulfill your “be seen” needs for night riding up to 1.2 kilometers away.

R0003415 (1200x795)The small button for on/off still need a press-and-hold of 0.75 seconds which helps prevent accidentally activating the light. I like the new off mode which immediately turned off exactly after 0.75 seconds even if you are still pressing the button, unlike the previous model that will only turned off when you released the button. It will also indicate in red if your battery is weaknext to the button.

R0003352 (1200x795)

I have mixed feelings about the USB plug design. One, I felt that it might get fractured if we are careless. Two, it can be tricky getting the plug into USB ports if there isn’t enough room around the port. I tend to have a lot of USB devices plugged in, and it’s tricky getting the Knog lights in between.

R0003418 (1200x795)And yes, Knog also sell their USB extension to solve this problem. 

R0003414 (1200x795)

The new interchangeable straps so you can swap the lights between bikes with different sized seatpost and handlebars – including aero seatposts and oversize bars. My small issue is you have to keep track where you keep these small straps, but if you lost them, at least Knog are selling the replacement parts.

The new mount:

The previous mount:

Its quite similar but a bit different. The advantage of the new mount is you can change the straps, depending on your handlebar and seatpost size. The new USB plug design have more reach to USB ports but still need an extension cord if not enough space between other USB devices.

R0003402 (1200x795)

Waterproof test:

R0000001 (1200x795)

I put a front light inside a glass of water for about 2 hours and its still working!

The Blinder MOB Family

R0003308 (1200x795)
Kid Grid (front)
R0003276 (1200x795)
Kid Grid (rear)

The Kid Grid containing 16 SMT (surface mount) LEDs as well as a reflective faceplate, making it the widest beam among all Blinder MOB design, with angle of 90°.

Eyeballer (front)
Eyeballer (front)

The Eyeballer containing 1 LUMILED as well as a reflective faceplate, making it the most focused beam among all Blinder MOB design, with angle of 15° and has the longest run time on low steady mode which is 8 hours.

Four Eyes (front)
Four Eyes (front)
Four Eyes (rear)
Four Eyes (rear)

Similar to The Face, but without alloy faceplate, the Four Eyes containing 4 SMT LEDs, with its focused 35° beam, and reflective faceplate.

R0003303 (1200x795)
The Face (front)
R0003291 (1200x795)
The Face (rear)

The Face containing 4 SMT LEDs as well as an alloy faceplate, with its focused 35° beam.

Mr Chips V
Mr Chips V

Mr. Chips V is my favorite for the rear with 64 COB (chips on board) LEDs and flash options. It have a large illuminated surface area, which helps the light be seen even from a long distance.

The Blinder Mob series has 5 different light modes (2 constant & 3 flash) flash patterns depending on the type and layout of LEDs, but they all share similar characteristics. All of the lights have both high and low steady-on modes, and a fast simple flash which uses all LEDs on the light. The best part is the light remembers your previous mode when you turn it off!

Stay tuned for the next part of this review. To learn more about Knog products, please visit Van’s Urban Bicycle Co.


Tested, words and photos by Shidi of Pedal Malaya

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