Brooks B17 (gents) and B17 S (ladies) Saddle

The B17 has been in Brooks range for over 100 years. Its timeless, beautifully simple design has made it an enduring favourite.

The B17 saddle, intended for the touring and trekking cyclist, has been our best selling model for over a century. First introduced in the 1890s, the B17 has survived virtually unchanged, and has firmly established itself as the saddle of choice for long distance cyclists.

The B17 is Brooks flagship model, ideal for long distance sports touring, trekking and mtb use. It has been on the market for over 100 years, being featured in as early as the 1898 catalogue . The model is available for gents and ladies: the B17 (gents) and B17 S (ladies). The Standard models feature black steel rails, the B17 Special features copper plated steel metalwork, and the B17 Titanium/ Both the B17 Special and the Titanium also feature hand hammered copper rivets.

B17 (gents) Saddle – Colour

Colour: B17 (Black)

Colour: B17 (Brown)

Colour: B17 (Honey)

B17 S (ladies) Saddle – Colour

Colour: B17 S (Black)

Colour: B17 S (Brown)

Technical Information

    • LENGTH: 275mm (B17)   242mm (B17 S)
    • WIDTH : 175mm (B17)      176mm (B17 S)
    • HEIGHT : 65mm (B17)      58mm (B17 S)
    • WEIGHT : 520g (B17)       460g (B17 S)
    • FRAME : Steel


1) How do I break in my saddle? 

The best way to break in your new saddle is to ride it frequently. Like a new pair of quality leather boots, a leather saddle may be uncomfortable for some at the outset; but like a good pair of boots, once broken in, they will, with proper care, provide the owner with decades of use.

2) Why have the Rails/ Tension Pin/ Backplate on my brooks saddle broken?

By far the most common cause of breakages of the Rail, Backplate and Tension Pin is insufficient leather tension. Brooks recommend a routine six-monthly check of the tension, and adjustment where required.

3) I bought a new Tension Pin for my Brooks, but I am not able to fit it? 

It can be quite tricky to re-fit a Tension Pin at home, especially on a saddle that is still relatively new. In the Brooks factory, we have a specially designed powered apparatus which performs this task with ease.
You should make a note of a position of the existing Tension Pin Nut and aim to eventually set the new nut to the same position. For ease of fitting, you can then move the nut all the way to the head of the pin. Try to hold the Leather Top still (you can use a bench vice for this, but be sure to protect the leather surface with soft padding). Having positioned the new Pin within the Shackle and Bracket Assembly, you now need to pull the Frame backwards in order to be able to push the head of the Pin into its correct location in the front hole of the metal Nose piece; Small final adjustments can be carried out with the careful use of a cross-peen hammer. Once the Tension Pin is located well, return the nut to the setting noted earlier.

4) I cannot find Brooks proofide on sale near my home. Can I use another treatment (Eg Neat’s-Foot Oil)?

Proofide is a tried and trusted product, the ingredients of which are known to Brooks. This is the only dressing, therefore, that we can endorse for use on a Brooks leather product. The use of any other product is frowned upon and will jeopardize your warranty rights.
Neat’s-foot oil, in particular, is known to have serious harmful effects on a Brooks saddle, weakening the inner fibres of the leather to the point where the leather is no longer strong enough to support the weight of a rider; it will also destroy the sheen finish of the leather.

5) How do I determine whether I have the correct level of Tension in my Brooks saddle?

Your saddle tension should have been correctly set by Brooks during manufacture. This tension should be good for the first six months that you own the saddle.
Brooks recommend that you inspect your saddle after every six months; there are two guidelines to help you decide whether, or not, to add more tension: –
The aim is to maintain a fairly flat profile on the leather, when viewed from the side, just like when it was new.
To increase the tension, you should turn the Tension Pin nut so that it moves towards the rear of the saddle (when viewed from the front of the saddle, this will be a clockwise turn on the spanner). This will retighten the leather and ‘’pull up’’ any sagging.
Normally just between ¼ and one complete spanner rotation should be sufficient to correct the tension issue. You need also to wary of over-tensioning*; Imagine that the leather is like the hamstring of a professional athlete; adding too much tension in any one adjustment period will pull, and may even tear, the inner fibres of the leather.
(*This is especially prevalent on saddles that use the Allen Key adjuster.)
Never adjust a wet saddle.

6) How often should I apply Proofide to my Brooks saddle? 

The primary function of Brooks Proofide is to nourish the leather to keep it supple and to prevent it from drying out with age. With this in mind, it is generally not necessary to apply Proofide to a new saddle. Instead, it is recommended to apply it after every 6 months.
Proofide should be applied sparingly to the upper surface of the leather using just enough to cover the entire upper surface area. This should then be left on the leather for several hours (perhaps overnight) in order to allow penetration through into the inner fibres, before buffing off thoroughly with a soft cloth.
Some Brooks saddle owners use Proofide for two further purposes:
a/ If the saddle is giving excessive discomfort after some time of use, then Proofide will soften the leather and hence encourage it to break-in more readily
b/ If riding regularly over wet surfaces (especially if you bicycle does not have mudguards), then a coating of Proofide applied and left onto the underside of the leather will offer some moisture shielding to the leather
HOWEVER, in both of these two cases, it is very important to be mindful of the irreversible damage that can result from excessive application of Proofide. There is a risk that the leather will over soften and then no longer be able to support the rider’s weight.
Proofide is a tried and trusted product, the ingredients of which are all know to Brooks. This is the only dressing, therefore, that we can endorse for use on a Brooks leather product. The use of any other product is frowned upon and will also jeopardize your warranty rights.

Retail Price: RM549.00
Credit: Photo, Video and Text from Brooks England.

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