ABUS Bicycle Helmets

ABUS bike helmets – effective protection for your head

Studies always confirm that wearing a bike helmet reduces the risk of head injuries enormously in the event of a bicycle accident. More and more cyclists are realising this and becoming fans of helmets – not only for sports, but also for everyday use. The current range of ABUS helmets are characterised by high-quality materials, the latest production processes and professional design.

From helmets for babies and children, through city helmets for shopping or commuting, to high-end sports helmets: ABUS offers helmets with good ventilation, great comfort and individual adjustment to fit your head. In addition, an integrated rear light provides additional safety on many children’s and city helmets.

ABUS head protection – might save your life.

Aero Helmet GameChanger

Along with Multi Position Design technology, it redefines aerodynamics. The airflow is optimized for all the angles the head is tilted at during racing. The large air channels, in combination with the Forced Air Cooling Technology, ensures that the head remains at a comfortable temperature and that the helmet fits perfectly. Ant the new Multi Shell In Mold is responsible for the excellent ABUS safety. The GameChanger sets new standards in Aero helmet technology!


  • Multi Position Design: For optimal aerodynamics, regardless of the angle of the head
  • Forced Air Cooling Technology: Clever ventilation system for optimal head temperature
  • FlowStraps: Aerodynamic, flutter-free and skin-friendly, thanks to specially developed weaving
  • Zoom Ace: Fine adjustment system with handy dial for personalized fit
  • AirPort: Aerodynamic bracket at the rear for glasses with temple channels
  • Multi Shell In Mold: For safe impact absorption
  • Ponytail compatibility: Helmet good for people with long hair
  • Sizes: S – 51-55cm head size; M – 52-58cm head size; L – 58-62cm head size.
  • Helmet weight: From 260g to 290g.

Retail Price: RM870.00

Road Helmet Aventor

  • Double shell In-Mold for durable fusion of the outer shell and the shock absorbing helmet material (EPS)
  • Ponytail compatibility: Helmet good for people with long hair
  • Half-surrounding plastic ring connected to adjustment system
  • Lower edge protection: Provides the helmet with additional protection from external influences
  • ActiCage: Structural reinforcement integrated into the EPS to optimize stability
  • Zoom Ace: Fine adjustment system with handy dial for personalized fit
  • Sizes: S – 51-55cm head size; M – 54-58cm head size; L – 57-61cm head size.
  • Helmet weight: From 240g to 300g.

Retail Price: RM687.00

Bike Helmet Hyban

Adult and youth helmet for city, commuting, BMX, skate and everyday use


  • ABS hard cover technology
  • Zoom Evo Easy – precise adjustment system with light and compact wheel
  • Size adjustment via half ring made of robust and flexible plastic for ideal stability and adaptability
  • Big, highly positioned and integrated LED rear light with 180° visibility
  • 13 air inlets and 5 outlets ensure optimal ventilation for this kind of helmet
  • Removable and washable padding with highest wearing comfort
  • Soft touch straps easy to adjust for practical sliders
  • Removable visor
  • Sizes: M – 52-58cm head size; L – 58-63cm head size.
  • Helmet weight: From 380g to 400g.


  • This multi-purpose helmet fulfils the demands of urban cyclists and skaters
  • Hard to find – hard cover helmet with integrated ring adjusting system

Retail price: RM294.00

How a bike helmet should fit?

Choosing the correct cycle helmet – this is how you find the right size

In order to find the right cycle helmet, you must first find the right size. First you need to measure the circumference of your head, preferably using a tape measure. Alternatively you could use a piece of string. Measure the circumference at the level of your forehead, approximately 1 cm above your eyebrows.

With our cycle helmets, you can always find the helmet size and corresponding head circumference listed under technical data. ABUS cycle helmets come in different sizes.

Credit: Photo, Video and Text from ABUS.

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