TERN Link C7

Improvement version of Link C7:

Travel by folding bicycle has one often overlooked benefit — you keep your own schedule. No listening to traffic reports or leaving an hour early or later to get parking. The portable Link C7 goes one step further because it also folds and comes inside with you so you’ll never need to wonder if it’ll still be there when it’s time to head to your next stop.




The Q-Lock is strong: it exceeds tough European EN standards for strength and durability. The Q-Lock is also safe and easy to use. Close the handlepost lever and the AutoLock engages, holding the lever in the locked position. Forged 6061 aluminum. It comes with an adjustable handle height for taller cyclists.



We provide variety of models and designs folding bicycles that cater to customer needs. We are specialized on folding bicycle within your own specification and needs. You can also find us on Facebook @ Van’s Urban Bicycle or contact us at 03-7932 1311 / 012-313 6420.

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