REVIEW: Selle Royal Scientia

Last Friday morning I did a recce ride for Nottingham University in Semenyih together with my colleagues from Public Bike Share. Since I was loaned a Brompton demo bike, I took this opportunity to test the Selle Royal Scientia saddle.

Selle Royal, together with the Sport University of Cologne, has developed the first range of saddles for the ergonomic market based on quantified laboratory studies at the university level. The result is SCIENTIA. A full spectrum of 9 ergonomic saddles scientifically engineered to precisely and comprehensively fit each rider with Athletic (45 degrees), Moderate (60 degrees) and Relaxed (90 degrees) riding position.



I chose M>2 which is fits right with my sit bone width. Van’s Urban Bicycle Co. have a special gel measuring pad where the rider can sit and apply downward pressure. Finding the centers of the two impressions made on the pad and the sit bone distance can be measured. The M-Series (moderate) of Scientia saddles is created for fitness-minded cyclists, and comes in three widths (1: less than 11cm, 2: 11-13cm, 3: over 13cm) to accommodate all variations in sit bone width.

R0003801 (1200x795)

R0003807 (1200x795)

The Curva Suspension takes pressure off of body contact points and provides an extra touch of comfort with its curved leaf spring design.

R0003802 (1200x795)

The 20 kilometers ride won’t do justice to this saddle. I felt the typical mild saddle sores, maybe I have been spoiled with my Brooks and I’m not wearing a padded cycling pant either. However, I don’t felt numbness that usually caused by a new saddle, thanks to the 3D Skin Gel that offers the perfect combination of comfort and support, providing both at critical points in the saddle.

R0003810 (1200x795)

If you generally ride in semi-relaxed position but still want a sporty look yet comfy then the Selle Royal Scientia Moderate Saddle might be the saddle for you.

Check out the rest of the photos here:

To learn more about Selle Royal saddles, please visit Van’s Urban Bicycle Co.

Tested, words and photos by Shidi of Pedal Malaya

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