REVIEW: Knog Blinder ARC 640 & 220

As with most Knog products, the Blinder ARC series are creatively named, coupled with a fully waterproof casing, USB charge port and a great design aesthetic.

R0003667 (1200x795)
Blinder ARC 640 in Red color
R0003660 (1200x795)
Blinder ARC 220 in Pewter color

The Blinder ARC 220 generates 220 lumens while Blinder ARC 640 generates 640 lumens for about 1200+ meters of visibility. It has 4 light mode (high, medium, low and flash) and Blinder ARC 220 has runtimes about 1.3 hours for high mode and 11 hours for eco flash mode, and Blinder ARC 640 has runtimes about 1.7 hours for high mode and 15 hours for eco flash mode. The ARC series is made to see-by light, as well as safety light.

R0003666 (1200x795)Similar to all Blinder series, the 100% waterproof Blinder ARC has USB tab to allows for a cable-free charge and an extended cable is included for those tough to reach USB ports.

R0003663 (1200x795)

Found some reviews on the net about ARC 640 that the mount isn’t secure enough to keep it pointing in the right direction, which is major flaw for me. So I tested them and ended with zero problems. Maybe they’re using the wrong strap as you will get 2 size of straps for different bar width. You can still use foam tape (included) for bars less than 25mm of diameters.

R0003665 (1200x795)

R0003678 (1200x795)
ARC 640 – High Mode
R0003681 (1200x795)
ARC 220 – High Mode

My only issue with the Blinder ARC series is the runtime is quite short for the high mode which is 80 minutes for ARC 220 and 100 minutes for ARC 640. But even low mode is good enough to lights up your path and be seen my others road users. So I have to use these lights wisely.

R0003661 (1200x795)The Blinder ARC 220 comes with 4 colors of your choice (black, pewter, ruby and silver) which is the same as Blinder ARC 640, and weigh about 100 grams for ARC 220 and 150 grams for ARC 640. The new Blinder ARC series is highly recommended for commuting and trail riding.

R0003702 (1200x795)
Blinder ARC 640 with 2 sizes removable mount straps, USB extension cord, helmet mount kit and foam tape.
R0003698 (1200x795)
Blinder ARC 220 with foam tape for bars less than 25mm diameters.

So which one to choose? I guess its depend on your budget and environment at your area. The Blinder ARC 640 surely the highest range of all models but its definitely not cheap. I suggest ARC 640 for trail riding and ARC 220 for road riding.

To learn more about Knog products, please visit Van’s Urban Bicycle Co.

Tested, words and photos by Shidi of Pedal Malaya

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