ORi Series

ORi, inspired by Japanese traditional craftsmanship, Origami means “the art of folding paper”. The spirit is to create the most delicate patterns by using minimal papers and cutting. ¬†ORi, branded as the name of it, follows the same way to create folding bikes with smart and neat designs and offers an enjoyable, convenient transport solution.

M8 sport is economical, lightweight and comfortable. Painted with matte black color and comfortable riding geometry.

M9 features agility and functionality both urban cruising and suburb travelers. To make commute more easier, it is ready for its versatility.

At Van’s Urban Bicycle Co, we offers a range of ORi from CR, AR, M and C series of folding bicycles. You can have a fun, urban and economical ride with ORi. Check out at the shop now!!

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