First Look: Knog Oi Bike Bell Has Arrived!

IMG_9580Oi what do we have here?! I am so stoked that Knog Malaysia received a sample box of Knog Oi Bike Bell and I managed to borrow 2 for review. Knog’s Oi Bike Bell proves a massive success on their Kickstarter campaign, receiving more than 50 times its goal target!


Noted that this is just samples and It might have few changes for their final product, soon available in September/October 2016 at Knog retailers nationwide. However, Kickstarter’s backers should get their hand on this award winning bike bell in July 2016, according to their Kickstarter’s campaign.


It’s available in two sizes; one for up to 31.8mm (Large) and one for 22.2mm (Small) bars. There’s no need to remove your handlebar grips or brakes, thanks to the Oi’s single bolt split-clamp attachment.

Easy on. No need to remove grips or cables.
Photo from Knog

The Oi will be available in 5 different styles which are Brushed Aluminium, Black, Brass, Copper & Titanium, and built-in cable management system so your cable can look more neater.

Photo from Knog

So, how was the sound? Knog claims the sound is ‘like an angel playing a glockenspiel’ (you can hear it here). However, the large Oi bell sound louder compare to the small size and luckily I’m using a 31.8mm bar. I would definitely buy it when it comes out in September 2016.

Having a bike bell is really a great idea. Of course I can yell out loud but it is nice to have a bell when approaching pedestrians and other cyclists from behind, allowing you to alert them in a less shocking way.

Large Oi comes with hex key, extra springs, a rubber tape and a manual.
Small Oi comes with hex key, extra springs and a manual.

Check out more photos below:

To learn more about Knog Oi Bike Bell, head to Van’s Urban Bicycle Co.

Review and photos by Shidi of Pedal Malaya

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