Alex Moulton


The latest version of the smooth riding AM bicycle, with cleaner lines, smaller pack size and reduced weight. The NiCrMo Spaceframe features a shorter seat tube (and extended Moulton 953 seat pillar) and improved mounts for carriers and bottles.

All Moulton bicycles are inherently more compact and most feature separable frames for storage or transport. This separability introduces no compromises other than a little extra weight; there is no loss of stiffness or ride quality. When disassembled, the two halves of a Moulton fit easily in the boot of a car or travel case. The New Series Moultons separate further into five parts for even more compact stowage and airline transport.

The design of the Moulton and its accessories is such that the same bicycle can be used for laden touring, performance cycling or urban use – dressed for travel or stripped for action as required.

The creme de la creme of Moulton, please contact Van’s Urban Bicycle Co for more information and any enquiries at 03-7932 1311 or email us at


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