A Road Trip @ Janda Baik

2 Dec – A sunny morning and there’s 20 of us were on the way up to Genting Sempah. We were grouping outside of Mcdonalds @ the R&R in Genting Sempah and drove to Janda Baik. It was raining earlier before 7am, but we managed to get the sun shinning before the ride starts this morning.

We arrived at one of our friend’s orchard with lots of fruits like eg. Durian, mangosteen, jackfruit, rambutan trees around her home. We really had great fun riding around Janda Baik and it was about 18km ride. After the ride, we had nasi lemak and some fruits that was plucked by the neighbour before we came. Although its a short ride but all of us really enjoyed the nice and green scenery at Janda Baik.

We hope to have a bigger group the next round and everyone gets to enjoy BBQ for lunch

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