Dr.Hon D8 Boardwalk

The Boardwalk is one of the all-time best sellers. It features a classic style and a tidy, 15 second fold that appeals to all kinds of riders. Updated with eight speeds and new Dahon derailleur and shifting system, the Boardwalk is a great road bicycle for a top quality price.


It comes in 20″ wheel with a new Dahon Neos derailleur and shifting system for fast and crisp shifting. The stem adjusts to fit riders of most heights with Alloy V-brakes for powerful stopping capabilities. Available in 2 colours – white and seaglass (green).

You can find the DAHON Boardwalk D8 and DAHON VYBE D7 @ Van’s Urban Bicycle Co. We are a folding bicycle specialists that caters to beginners and performance riders.

Please contact us at 03-7932 1311 or email us at vansurbanbicycle@gmail.com.

Moulton Speed

An agressive riding position, adjustable leading link front/Hydrolastic rear Moulton suspension and a sub-9kg weight make the all-stainless steel Moulton SPEED the perfect choice for performance-orientated Sportive riders.

The new Moulton SPEED is the first production Moulton bicycle to weigh in at less than 20lb (9.1kg) – quite some feat for a fullsuspension road bike. Mainframe (centre section) weight is only 900g (AM SPEED, for comparison, is 1400g). The distinctive spaceframe design – stronger and stiffer than conventional diamond frames – is constructed entirely from stainless steels, including the latest Columbus XCR and Reynolds 953 materials. The time-honoured combination of the low aerodynamic drag, the rapid acceleration afforded by the small wheels, the low rolling resistance and the superlative comfort of the well-proven Moulton suspension, make the Moulton SPEED a perfect choice for the performance-orientated Sportive rider as well as those who just want to go out for a blast round the lanes.

The Moulton SPEED is built, meticulously, by dedicated craftsmen at Moulton’s Bradford on Avon factory in Wiltshire. Every joint is silver-brazed, and the entire frameset is laboriously polished to a mirror finish. With no paint to scratch, peel or crack, the
Moulton SPEED can be returned to ‘as-new’ condition with the application of metal polish. In standard ‘complete bicycle’ specification the Moulton SPEED is equipped with Campagnolo Super Record components, Moulton ‘M’ lightweight hubs and 10-28t cassette, ‘M’ in-line seat pillar and ‘M’ handlebar stem in Reynolds 953.

Moulton SPEED frame details: Moulton leading link front fork (threadless only, all stainless steel) Unified rear triangle with Flexitor (rubber) pivot and Hydrolastic fluid-damped rear spring Supplied with Campagnolo Record threadless headset (1”) 68mm BSC bottom bracket shell Brake drop – for 49/50mm drop racing calipers, recessed bolts (no mudguard clearance)
Wheel size: 20” (406mm) Mounts for daybag carrier and water bottle cage.
Frame kits are supplied with the Moulton ‘M’ stainless steel ‘in’line’ seat pillar in 953 with carbon cradle, Moulton ‘M’ stainless steel handlebar stem in 953 (choice of sizes 90, 120, 150, 180; all 30°); or, optionally, with the new Moulton Wishbone adjustable stem (threadless only).

Arrive in Jan’13 and only ONE available in Malaysia @ Van’s Urban Bicycle Co.

Launch of TYRELL in Malaysia

8 Dec 2012, TYRELL bicycle was launched in Van’s Urban Bicycle Co. Founder, Masahito Hirose attended the launch and gave an introduction of TYRELL to the media and guests.

There’s 2 models – FX is a New Style Folding bicycle and CSi a minivelo. These are the new design of bicycle with 20″ wheel and light weight bicycle.

FX model is a newly folding designed front fork that can be stored in a compact size. 8.9kg lightweight and high rigidity, outstanding driving performance that should be able to feel. Frame made of 7046 aluminum # newest material, proportion and elegance beautiful silhouette will change the concept of folding bikes.

Come and view the TYRELL bicycle @ Van’s Urban Bicycle Co at A-12-LG1, 3 Two Square Jalan 19/1 Petaling Jaya. Contact us at 603-7932 1311

Alex Moulton TSR 9

The TSR is designed to be compatible with most standard cycle parts and dealers can provide advice as required. Some of the special TSR parts, such as the carbon fibre seatpost, are included in frameset packs. Other items, for example the custom drawn double butted spokes, are available as optional extras.

TSR 9 is a lighter, versatile machine with all the defining Moulton features. With a 20″ wheeled set and 11.9kg weight.

Available now @ Van’s Urban Bicycle, a folding bicycle specialists that provides the needs of all cyclists. If you have any enquiries, please contact us at 03-7932 1311 or email at vansurbanbicycle@gmail.com


Blackburn Mars 3.0

Blackburn Rear 7 LED Light:

Named after a bright red planet visible from afar, the Mars 3.0 has seven superbright red LED’s inside a sleek water resistant case. Lens optics increase visible distance and side LED’s provide 180 degree safety-boosting visibility. 150 hour runtime flash mode.

  • LED’s: 7 Red
  • Run Time (Steady/Flash): 50-150 hours
  • Batteries: 2 x AAA batteries included
  • Water resistant
  • 150hr runtime(flash mode)

It’s available at Van’s Urban Bicycle Co and you can contact us @ 7932 1311 for queries on Blackburn.



The NEW 20 “and # 7046 aluminum alloy.  With the carbon back as the new development, with standard components.

SRAM Force lightweight comfort and friendly, CSI the successor of Si with Inch to (451) Wheel size is completed with straight-line stability, excellent proportions, vehicle weight, the beautiful operated carbon back and slant-catching design feel with only 7.2kg weight that is such as a road bike for a better experience. A fast Minivelo is born.

  • # Lightweight frame made of aluminum 7046 double bus dead
  • Slant design of adoption (Slant Design)
  • Carbon fork with new development
  • Equipped with a newly developed carbon chain stays and seat stays
  • 20 “451 wheels
  • As standard SRAM Force
  • Prologo saddle as standard
  • Fully compatible with the load component
  • Realization of excellent running by the low center of gravity

Alex Moulton


The latest version of the smooth riding AM bicycle, with cleaner lines, smaller pack size and reduced weight. The NiCrMo Spaceframe features a shorter seat tube (and extended Moulton 953 seat pillar) and improved mounts for carriers and bottles.

All Moulton bicycles are inherently more compact and most feature separable frames for storage or transport. This separability introduces no compromises other than a little extra weight; there is no loss of stiffness or ride quality. When disassembled, the two halves of a Moulton fit easily in the boot of a car or travel case. The New Series Moultons separate further into five parts for even more compact stowage and airline transport.

The design of the Moulton and its accessories is such that the same bicycle can be used for laden touring, performance cycling or urban use – dressed for travel or stripped for action as required.

The creme de la creme of Moulton, please contact Van’s Urban Bicycle Co for more information and any enquiries at 03-7932 1311 or email us at vansurbanbicycle@gmail.com


Preview of Alex Moulton in Malaysia

Alex Moulton Available In Malaysia

Dr Alex Moulton pioneered the small wheeled bicycle revolution nearly 50 years ago. All of today’s small wheeled cycles owe a debt of gratitude to the original Moulton ‘F’ frame design which not only introduced and proved the concept of full-size bicycles with small wheels, but also, right from launch in 1962, have utilised front and rear suspension systems for improved comfort and performance. The Moulton bicycle has been developed and refined constantly ever since and is held in high regard throughout the world.

The Moulton Bicycle is the original full-suspension, separable, small- wheeled, high performance bicycle, world renowned for speed, efficiency, durability and comfort.

Expertly engineered for over 50 years and handcrafted in England, these bicycles are the world’s most efficient form of transport – designed for universal use, real performance and comfort.

Available NOW, come for a test ride….Check out @ Van’s Urban Bicycle Co and please contact us for appointment at 603-7932 1311 or email at vansurbanbicycle@gmail.com



TYRELL FX available NOW in Malaysia:

The long-awaited Tyrell folding bike is finally here in Malaysia. Long wheel base frame while maintaining the slant design, produce outstanding straight-line stability, collapsible design in tens of seconds without tools. Achieve weight 8.9kg. Invisible to the folding bicycle, in a rigid main frame I, to the rotation axis BB, 180 ° deploy the rear wheel. 

Folding of newly designed front fork can be stored in a compact size. Was both lightweight and high rigidity, outstanding driving performance that I should be able to feel. Frame made of 7046 aluminum # newest material, proportion and elegance beautiful silhouette will change the concept of folding bikes. Tyrell aims, it is the “Advanced Design”.

  • Lightweight frame made of aluminum 7046 double bus dead
  • Slant design of adoption (Slant Design)
  • Seat stays and chain stay pivot method new folding mechanism
  • Folding fork with new development
  • Horotekku adoption of BB
  • Chain guard made of 6061 aluminum CNC
  • Rear 9 speed (Shimano Tiagra)
  • Fully compatible with Shimano road components and Kampa
  • Brake caliper for road
  • Realization of excellent running by the low center of gravity

Now available at Van’s Urban Bicycle Co, please contact us at 012-313 6420 or
03-7932 1311 email at vansurbanbicycle@gmail.com

ORi Surpaz CR3.0

folding bicycle is a bicycle designed to fold into a compact form, facilitating transport and storage. Folding mechanisms vary, with each offering a distinct combination of folding speed, folding ease, compactness, ride, weight, durability and price. The choice of model, apart from cost considerations, is a matter of resolving the various practical requirements: a quick easy fold, compact folded size, or a faster but less compact model.

New for 2012, ORI CR3.0 carbon frame is produced with new anti-wrinkle carbon technology. Not only enhanced stiffness but also lightweight. Also, expanding the seat tube size from 27.2mm to 31.6mm to strengthen riding stiffness. The geometry of CR3.0 provides a balance of quickness and stability.

Any enquiries on folding bicycles, please contact Van’s Urban Bicycle Co at 03-7932 1311 or email us at vansurbanbicycle@gmail.com