Latest: Baby Nutty & Little Nutcase

R0003991 (1200x795)Spend more time making memories and having fun. We know the safety of your little one is your top priority whenever they run out the door. With cool graphics and fun prints, a no-pinch magnetic buckle, and smart safety features, Nutcase are the helmets they won’t want to take off.

R0004009 (1200x795)
Little Nutcase


  • No pinch Fidlock® magnetic buckle for one-handed operation
  • Certified safety for cycling , scooting, and skating standards by CPSC and ASTM F1492
  • Adjustable and removable spin dial gives a snug, comfortable fit
  • Detachable visor shades them from sun and rain
  • Deluxe soft chin pad for extra comfort
  • Durable ABS shell
  • Protective EPS inner foam lining
  • Crumple zones in external EPS to help disperse energy in the event of a crash
  • Front, top, and back venting Extra sets of foam pads to give them the perfect fit
  • 360 degree reflectivity
  • Eye-catching designs for safety and style

R0003994 (1200x795)Even babies wanna bike. From their first two-wheeled glide to their first bitty tumble, from the seat of the balance bike to the box of the cargo bike, Baby Nutty is the best in helmet comfort, style and safety. Introducing Baby Nutty, the newest in little noggin protection from Nutcase.

R0004007 (1200x795)
Baby Nutcase


  • Finally, the baby helmet you’ll both love: No pinch, no tears Fidlock® magnetic buckle
  • Easy-on fit system grows with your toddler
  • Ergo-design for optimal bike seat posture
  • Lightweight in-mold shell for growing bobble heads
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) protective foam for high-impact protection
  • Front, top, and back venting
  • Integrated smile and compliment generator
  • Engineered, tested, and CPSC certified for 1 year and older

R0003995 (1200x795)

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First Look: Knog Blinder Mini

R0003946 (1200x795)

I received a box of upcoming Knog lights sample from Knog Malaysia contains 8 new Knog Blinder Mini. The previous Mini series has only 1 LED but the new Blinder Mini range from 1 LED, 9 LEDs and COB (Chips on Board) LEDs with different beam angles. This stuff is so small yet powerful for your cycling routines.

R0003951 (1200x795)

Introducing new mini family; the DOT, the NINER and the CHIPPY. Knog really know how to named their products well!

R0003957 (1200x795)

Battery: LiPo / USB Rechargeable
Peaks Lumens: 20 (front) / 11 (rear)
Weight: 15g
Run Time: 2 Hours (steady mode) / 11 Hours (eco-flash)
Beam: 20° (DOT) / 90° (NINER) / 120° (CHIPPY)

The interface included Low Battery Indicator, Power/Mode switch and Recharge Indicator. Long press will turn the light on/off. Short press for mode conversion.

R0003958 (1200x795)

The Blinder Mini comes with a clasp and 2 straps for the front and 3 straps for the rear. I really dig these lights because of its size. Perfect for those who want to save weight on bike lights and looks minimal on your bike.

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To learn more about Knog products, please visit Van’s Urban Bicycle Co.

Tested, words and photos by Shidi of Pedal Malaya

REVIEW: Bike to Work with a Brompton

Bike to work is not a popular choice among urbanites. No denying that, there are several barriers that make it less popular, such as hot weather and safety. Find out how to break these barriers at the end of this article.

R0003931 (1200x795)

I was loaned a 3-speeds Brompton by Van’s Urban Bicyce Co. and use this opportunity to bike to work on Global Bike to Work Day (May 10th), from Ampang to my office in Brickfield. Cycling from my house to Ampang LRT station takes less than 10 minutes. I use my Touch ‘n Go card so I can go out at any stations. However, make sure your card balance at least RM10 before traveling because not all stations have topup services for Touch ‘n Go.

R0003872 (1200x795)

Ampang LRT station is the first station, so it was not crowded. Unfortunately LRT only allows foldable bicycle and not during peak hours which is 7am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm. So far there are no difficulties for me to ride the LRT with my bike even during peak hours. Just make sure your bike is properly folded before entering the train.

R0003876 (1200x795)

There will be more and more people are coming in, so be sure that your bike does not disturbing any passengers. It’s fun watch them observing me and my bike especially because I wanted to show them that it’s possible. Most of them asked me about the bike price. Brompton is not a cheap option but there are many affordable folding bike, ranging from RM500 to RM2,000.

R0003885 (1200x795)

In order to get to Brickfield, I chose to stop at Masjid Kamek LRT station and cycle to Brickfield. The fee is RM3.20. Please note that Masjid Jamek LRT station is known as one of the busiest station, so you might having a difficulty getting out of the train with a bike and I advise you to take your time getting out of the station due to a lot of people.

R0003927 (1200x795)

I am thankful for KL’s first dedicated bicycle path but I must say, it was not well-maintained. Currently at some section (Jalan Tun Sambathan) have been closed for some construction but no other alternatives for cyclists or pedestrians.

R0003928 (1200x795)R0003897 (1200x795)

At the office, I put the bike beside me and do my works as I can easily access my stuff in the Brompton’s Mini O-Bag by Ortlieb.

My verdict.
Finally, I have done it. It’s possible and cheaper! I don’t have to spend money for parking and petrol, and was also able to pay more for my meals! Yes, I’m sweating but not much. You can still control your sweating level by cycling at chill pace and choose the right weather if possible. Thanks to LRT/KTM for allowing bikes (foldable) on train. Hopefully we will have a special coach for cyclists in the future.

One way to avoid hot weather or rain, by cycle at the right time. Getting weather update from your smart phone is good way to plan your trip. For inexperienced commuters, they will concern more on safety when riding a bicycle on the road with motor vehicles. So I would say that the more you ride, the more confident you will be. You can start practicing by joining a weekly group ride around KL.

The bike.
I’ve long had an interest in getting a test review of a Brompton. There is great pride and loyalty amongst Brompton owners and I can understand why. I’m all enthusiasm for foldable bikes at the moment, but riding on 16” wheels is still a shock (and syiok!). It may feel small, but it also feels solid and responsive on the road. I felt instantly at ease riding through the city. Brompton are slower than a standard bike, but once adapted to the riding style it felt reasonably fast with only 3 gears on my model.

But will I buy a Brompton? If a folding bike was my main commute, I would want the best. I am willing to save money for this bike, just like I did for my other bikes.

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Tested, words and photos by Shidi of Pedal Malaya

REVIEW: Selle Royal Scientia

Last Friday morning I did a recce ride for Nottingham University in Semenyih together with my colleagues from Public Bike Share. Since I was loaned a Brompton demo bike, I took this opportunity to test the Selle Royal Scientia saddle.

Selle Royal, together with the Sport University of Cologne, has developed the first range of saddles for the ergonomic market based on quantified laboratory studies at the university level. The result is SCIENTIA. A full spectrum of 9 ergonomic saddles scientifically engineered to precisely and comprehensively fit each rider with Athletic (45 degrees), Moderate (60 degrees) and Relaxed (90 degrees) riding position.



I chose M>2 which is fits right with my sit bone width. Van’s Urban Bicycle Co. have a special gel measuring pad where the rider can sit and apply downward pressure. Finding the centers of the two impressions made on the pad and the sit bone distance can be measured. The M-Series (moderate) of Scientia saddles is created for fitness-minded cyclists, and comes in three widths (1: less than 11cm, 2: 11-13cm, 3: over 13cm) to accommodate all variations in sit bone width.

R0003801 (1200x795)

R0003807 (1200x795)

The Curva Suspension takes pressure off of body contact points and provides an extra touch of comfort with its curved leaf spring design.

R0003802 (1200x795)

The 20 kilometers ride won’t do justice to this saddle. I felt the typical mild saddle sores, maybe I have been spoiled with my Brooks and I’m not wearing a padded cycling pant either. However, I don’t felt numbness that usually caused by a new saddle, thanks to the 3D Skin Gel that offers the perfect combination of comfort and support, providing both at critical points in the saddle.

R0003810 (1200x795)

If you generally ride in semi-relaxed position but still want a sporty look yet comfy then the Selle Royal Scientia Moderate Saddle might be the saddle for you.

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To learn more about Selle Royal saddles, please visit Van’s Urban Bicycle Co.

Tested, words and photos by Shidi of Pedal Malaya