Tyrell CSI

CSI Matte Black : Project Bike

28 Jan, 2013 – A new project bike was developed and saw it on the road, the Tyrell CSI.  The CSI matte black with 10 speed Ultegra group set and with ControlTech 451 Carbon 20″ wheel set. Its a lightweight bicycle where it’s one and only.

Comes with ControlTech 451 carbon wheel set & Ultegra group set
Comes with ControlTech 451 carbon wheel set & Ultegra group set

The new CSI stocks will be available next week. Should you need to view and test ride on the Tyrell bicycle, come over to Van’s Urban Bicycle Co or contact us at 03-7932 1311 or email us at vansurbanbicycle@gmail.com

OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2013

Sunday, 20 Jan 2013 – About 5,000 people took part on Sunday and plans are afoot to raise the bar, begins with an ‘early bird’ registration drive for the OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2014 that will be held again next year from Jan 17 to 19.

Held at KLCC in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the event kicked off with a 48km challenge covering four loops around some of the busiest roads that were closed to traffic.

603144_10151405049257700_409042334_n 582479_10151392546676007_1989198008_n 582356_10151404903487700_1019314392_n 545212_10151392546386007_2003476480_n 537407_10151405049367700_583914640_n 528776_10151406790192700_1216356018_n 486141_10151406779567700_1402057288_n 424024_10151404906082700_1442159738_n 385306_10151406780107700_2107613154_n 312454_10151405052122700_122319550_n 76390_10151392549386007_130723551_n 75253_10151406780157700_629815084_n 66458_10151404905057700_951498082_n OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2013

This was followed by a 24km community ride that saw a higher number of participation by individuals, families and cycling clubs.

Cyclists from all over the country, including foreign participants from road bikes, mountain bikes and folding bikes took part in both categories. It was a fun and exciting event for all cyclists and believe everyone enjoyed the ride whether its 24km community ride or the 48km challenge.

KNOG Arrived in Malaysia

KNOG Blinder 1:

The Blinder 1 is a high powered single LED light that pumps out 20 lumens of blinding front white light and 11 lumens at the rear. Being 100% waterproof and using its high powered surface mounted LED’s the Blinder 1 will ensure maximum visibility at over 500 metres.

With a burn time of over 2 hours in constant mode and up to 11 hours in eco flash mode this light will keep you lit well in to the night.

When the battery does eventually get low, the built in low-battery indicator will glow red to show the light need charging and then illuminate green when fully charged. Through using the lights inbuilt USB recharge system the light can be successfully charged from flat to full in just 2 and a half hours.

With a weight of only 15 grams, and using the simple in-built tool-less attachment, this light connects easily to handlebars, rear posts and frames of 22–32mm.

Blinder 1

Now available at Van’s Urban Bicycle and you can contact us for any enquiries on KNOG at 03-7932 1311 or 012-313 6420.

New Arrival of Nutcase helmets

Check out the new styles and designs of Nutcase helmets. Retail price at RM229.


Available NOW at Van’s Urban Bicycle Co. Call or email us for enquiry at 03-7932 1311 or vansurbanbicycle@gmail.com

London Brompton S2L Vic Lee Limited Edition

Brompton Bicycle Ltd has collaborated with Vic Lee, a designer from Clerkenwell, East London, to create a limited run of Bromptons, featuring a motif inspired by a love of London.

Brompton first collaborated with Vic in last Summer 2011 to create two hand-illustrated bikes for the male and female Brompton World Champions; this cooperation has developed into a collaboration on a limited run of gloss black S2Ls, to be decorated with an exclusive white decal before the bikes are given three further coatings of clear lacquer.


The designer said:
“I initially worked with Brompton on a one-off, hand-drawn design for the prize bikes for the 2011 Brompton World Championship. These got a lot of attention so we started to investigate if there was any way we could do something similar on slightly large scale. I have been creating this style of London-inspired schemes for a couple of years now; it is great to see this translated into the London Brompton.”

Along with the artwork on the main and front frames, the bikes come fitted with a limited edition vinyl graphic on the flap of the accompanying S Bag, also designed by Vic. The design has been further enhanced by the use of black mudguards and black leather Brooks grips and B17 saddle.

The bikes will also be supplied with a limited edition Vic Lee print (frame not provided), signed by Vic and not available elsewhere, along with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Only 500 London Bromptons will be built, along with 500 of the limited edition vinyl graphic flaps and 500 prints.

The full specification for the London Brompton is as follows:
S2L in gloss black
Eazy Wheels
Vic Lee graphics
Black B17 saddle with copper rails
Black Brooks leather grips
S Bag set with limited edition S Bag flap, designed by Vic Lee
Black mudguard
Limited edition Vic Lee print
Numbered certificate