20″ lightweight wheel tube of 0.6mm. CX’s Chromoly tube slender. A Chromoly steel was adopted, the body with vibration absorbing high Reynolds 525 series manufactured by the UK (451) Wheel size. Easy ride with standard components, SRAM Apex is attractive due to the repulsive force of the feeling of traveling steel mudguard 8.9kg, finished vehicle weight, the best sister and applications that can be mounted touring commuter carrier. Also a Minivelo simple design which is made of high quality steel Minivelo. It also appeared as a CX Tourer model, that supplies ride that its a birth of a standard range of Tyrell.

  • Reynolds chromoly frame made of 525 # Double-server dead
  • Slant design of adoption (Slant Design)
  • Equipped with carbon fork
  • Equipment of aluminum fork (CX Tourer)
  • 20 “451 wheels
  • As standard SRAM Apex
  • Mudguard, for carrier, with dowel hole (CX Tourer)
  • Fully compatible with the load component
  • Realization of excellent running by the low center of gravity

A Japanese bicycle brand was founded in 2004, Masahito Hirose the founder of Tyrell. A new style of folding bicycle Tyrell FX, CSi and CX are the minivelo that is very popular in Japan. Tyrell adopted the first powder coating made Kadowaki. Environmentally friendly powder coating method with excellent high durability, design that compliments the bike. 

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Alex Moulton TSR 9

The TSR is designed to be compatible with most standard cycle parts and dealers can provide advice as required. Some of the special TSR parts, such as the carbon fibre seatpost, are included in frameset packs. Other items, for example the custom drawn double butted spokes, are available as optional extras.

TSR 9 is a lighter, versatile machine with all the defining Moulton features. With a 20″ wheeled set and 11.9kg weight.

Available now @ Van’s Urban Bicycle, a folding bicycle specialists that provides the needs of all cyclists. If you have any enquiries, please contact us at 03-7932 1311 or email at vansurbanbicycle@gmail.com


Blackburn Mars 3.0

Blackburn Rear 7 LED Light:

Named after a bright red planet visible from afar, the Mars 3.0 has seven superbright red LED’s inside a sleek water resistant case. Lens optics increase visible distance and side LED’s provide 180 degree safety-boosting visibility. 150 hour runtime flash mode.

  • LED’s: 7 Red
  • Run Time (Steady/Flash): 50-150 hours
  • Batteries: 2 x AAA batteries included
  • Water resistant
  • 150hr runtime(flash mode)

It’s available at Van’s Urban Bicycle Co and you can contact us @ 7932 1311 for queries on Blackburn.



The NEW 20 “and # 7046 aluminum alloy.  With the carbon back as the new development, with standard components.

SRAM Force lightweight comfort and friendly, CSI the successor of Si with Inch to (451) Wheel size is completed with straight-line stability, excellent proportions, vehicle weight, the beautiful operated carbon back and slant-catching design feel with only 7.2kg weight that is such as a road bike for a better experience. A fast Minivelo is born.

  • # Lightweight frame made of aluminum 7046 double bus dead
  • Slant design of adoption (Slant Design)
  • Carbon fork with new development
  • Equipped with a newly developed carbon chain stays and seat stays
  • 20 “451 wheels
  • As standard SRAM Force
  • Prologo saddle as standard
  • Fully compatible with the load component
  • Realization of excellent running by the low center of gravity